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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In the interest of keeping up to date with current bookings I am in the process of moving all Event Listings to my  Facebook Events Page  

Click HERE to open the new events page.

If you are not registered on Facebook here is a list of the establishments I perform at their addresses as well as the dates I am scheduled to play there

1-   Limeridge Legion      435 Limeridge Rd Hamilton   Hours  ( 730 PM to 1130 PM )

2-   Stoney Creek Legion   12 King St   Stoney Creek    (Hours on Friday  7PM to 10 PM)

      Hours on Saturday  ( 2 PM till  5 PM)

3-  Dunsdon Legion       9 Tollgate Rd  Brantford   (  Hours from  8PM till  11PM)

4-  Welland Legion        383  Morningstar Dr  Welland  ( Hours from  730 PM till 1130 PM)

5-  Beamsville Legion   5545  Regional  Rd 81 Beamsville  ( Hours on Friday 6PM till 10PM)

6-  Waterdown Legion    79 Hamilton St    Waterdown  ( Hours on Friday  8PM till 12 AM)

     Hours On Saturday    (8PM till 12 AM)

7-   Fort Erie  Legion    130 Garrison Rd   Fort Erie  ( Hours on Saturday  ( 7PM till 11 PM)

8-  Sackville Seniors Recreational Center  780  Upper Wentworth St  Hamilton  ( Hours on        Saturday  8PM till 11PM)


May 4 ( Friday Night Pub Night)     Stoney Creek Legion    ( 7 till 10 PM)  

May 5   Limeridge Legion    May  12   Stoney  Creek Legion    June 1   Stoney Creek Legion ( Friday

Night 7-10 pm)    June  2  Welland Legion    June 16  Stoney Creek Legion      June 29  Stoney Creek

Legion ( Friday Night Pub Night)      July 7  Stoney Creek Legion      July 13  Stoney Creek

Legion  (Friday Night Pub night from 7-10pm)

 July  14  Welland  Legion  

Aug  11  Stoney Creek Legion     Aug  18   Burlington Legion    Aug  24  Stoney Creek Legion  ( Friday

Night Pub Night from 7-10pm) 

Aug  25  Limeridge Legion      

Sept  8  Stoney  Creek Legion        Sept  22  Burlington  Legion

Oct  13  Limeridge Legion        Oct  20   Stoney  Creek Legion          Nov  10   Limeridge Legion

 Nov  24   Stoney Creek Legion   Dec 8  Sackville Dinner and Dance   Dec  22   Stoney  Creek Legion 

 Dec  29  Burlington Legion

Upcoming Events